Our modern food system focuses on affordability and convenience, which are both great things. Supermarkets provide an astonishing array of products for a very reasonable price. However, it often makes us lose control over what we eat. Simple products like a gallon of milk or a pound of ground meat is often made from hundreds of different animals, disconnecting its origins and making food a simple commodity. Our mission is to restore the connection between land and the consumer. The pigs we use are fed from the barley that's grown across the road. It's hand delivered by the farmer to our kitchen, where we create charcuterie from it and sell it directly to the consumer. We are in effect bypassing the industrial food system to give you handmade products that have never seen the inside of a food factory or been processed with hundred of other animals in bulk. Not only does this improve food safety, since we are no longer at the risk of one bad "apple" contaminating an entire batch, but it also gives us a personal connection to the animal we are eating. These pigs gave up their lives so we could eat, and we should treat their meat with the respect it deserves. Our hope is that we will be able to offer true artisanal products in the European tradition and make products that reflect their land and are made with both the welfare of the animals and ourselves in mind.